Welcome to

The Faith & Miracle Center

As Senior Pastors Tai and Sade Kuku, we along with The Faith and Miracle Center partners and ministry leadership, wish to welcome you to The Faith and Miracle Centers Website.

As a church we desire to be grounded and inspired
first by our love of God, His son Jesus Christ and by
His Holy Spirit, and secondly, by the fellowship and love that He has bestowed upon us for the purpose
of sharing it with each other.

It is in His name, the name of our savior Jesus Christ that we invite you to experience our website and all that our ministry has to offer. As an expression of His apostolic and prophetic anointing upon FMC, we pray that God will richly bless you and your family, and that through an increasing knowledge and awareness of who He is in your life, you will come to a fullness of
the revelation that He has for you.

We are elated that the spirit of the Lord guided you
our way. You are not here by mistake, it is by divine order. God is interested in you and He wants to do something awesome in your life. Get ready to receive your long awaited miracle of uncommon greatness that will introduce you to your generation. It is our prayer that as you view our site, you will be enlightened on what our ministry has to offer.

Again, thank you for visiting our site and remember that with no hope, there is no height, with no faith, there is no flight. Be blessed!

Bishop Tai & Pastor Sade Kuku

Our Church

Welcome and thank you for visiting The Faith and Miracle Center website. FMC is a dynamic, bible based church located in both in the USA and Nigeria with a passion for changing lives with the Word of God. As a growing, loving church, we preach and teach the word with special emphasis on practical application. By laying a strong foundation in the word, we are equipped and empowered to address life’s challenges knowing that the provision of our victory is assured.

Senior Pastors Tai and Sade Kuku are kingdom minded leaders and their approach to ministry is centered around the heartbeat of the King which is souls. On both the global and domestic areas, we proclaim the truth and declare His power over every obstacle of hindrance in the lives of those who believe. If you are looking for a place to worship and grow in the Lord, then The Faith and Miracle Center is the place for you. We cordially invite you to join us and witness the transformation power of God to change your life forever!

6x9__postcard22 The Faith and Miracle Center is:

A place for friendship…….
We make it a priority to build lasting bonds of concern and genuine commitment between the members of our church family. We’d love for this family relationship to include you.

A place for learning…….

To us, studying the bible is vital because it does not only instruct intellectually, but also guides spiritually. We believe it and accept it as God’s word to man, a book that is alive and relevant to life today.

A place for enrichment…….

We offer a wealth of opportunities and ministries for persons of all age levels; which include children, youth and adults. You can be assured that you will have the occasion to progress in many levels of growth in Christ.

A place for Service…

Just as Christ came “not to be ministered unto, but to minister….” We accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others. This applies both within the church family and outside of our fellowship.

A place for worship…
The primary reason we meet together is to focus our attention on God, to give Him our worship, and receive His blessing in faith and inspiration. We hope this is what you will experience today and we certainly hope to see you again very soon.

If you are searching for a church home, there is a special place here just for you. Our church family will be delighted to have you grace us with your presence. We assure you that you will be among friends who care. We hope that you feel right at home as we worship together.

Welcome To The Bishop’s Desk

God will work for you… if you let Him. When you have a heart directed toward the world, toward material things, and toward destructive sinful desires, or directed toward just yourself and your problems, then you leave God out. When you are willing to let God into your heart and you are willing to let God work for you, in you, and through you, then He will work for you in your life. God needs you to always have an attitude of compliance and willingness toward His will in your life. God always stands at the door of your heart wanting to come in and live within you. When you surrender and open your heart to His love then he comes into your life and works miracles and performs wonders. An open heart to God permits God to heal wounds that have never healed. An open heart permits God to wipe away painful memories. An open heart permits God to inspire encouragement within you. An open heart to Christ’s love gives you a reason to live, breath, and continue to walk the Lord’s path each day. When you take an open heart to Christ dying on the Cross then you come away from the Cross as a new person. In the spiritual wars in your life, when everything looks its darkest, an open heart reaching up to God is always touched by God’s love for you. Every obstacle in life no matter how great it seems can be turned into a glorious testament to God’s redeeming love. Make no mistake that you cannot turn obstacles into glories on your own. However, with God’s power and His force of love within you, even the most daunting of problems can be conquered… for God care for you.

What we most often expect is for God to do visible works that amaze the eye and startle the senses, yet God’s greatest works are the ones we do not see. For His greatest works are the ones that take place within the hearts and lives of men and women like you. We can blast away mountains and carry off the rocks in trucks. However, no matter how hard we try, we cannot, by ourselves and on our own, change the human heart from darkness into light. We cannot, on our own, give people hope in darkness. We cannot, on our own, fill their lives with meaning and purpose. However, we have a God, a Christ, and the Holy Spirit that does the miraculous. Today, you can have the miraculous done in your life by opening your heart to Christ and to the love poured through Him by our Father in heaven.

No matter what your situation, no matter what your circumstances might be, God knows already, God cares anyway, and God loves you regardless. It is so important that you know that Christ is waiting every minute of your life for you to turn to Him.

A Christian believer has a reason to live. That reason to live is to do the will of God. That reason to live inspires you to strive to overcome every obstacle and defeat every foe. That reason to live pulls you up out of yourself… to a place where the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit works in your life… and to a place where they pour blessings over you each day. Remember your setback is a setup for a comeback!

May God bless each of you,

Bishop Tai Kuku, D.D